AKTEA attends the HLM in Malta

October 2018

In the framework of the “High-level Conference on Sustainable Small-Scale Fisheries in the Mediterranean and Black Sea” (Malta, 25-26 september 2018) Aktea participated in the round table « A sustainable development model for fishing communities : promoting decent work and supporting the role of women ».

AKTEA explained the importance of having a network of women in fisheries to ensure sustainable Mediterranean fisheries and the main challenges and opportunities ahead. In addition, AKTEA asked for increased cooperation between DG Employment and DG Mare for the revision of the directive 2010/41/EU to allow the recognition of the contribution of fishers’ wives and partners.

In parallel with the event, a delegation composed by Stella Stylianou, Alicia Said and Katia Frangoudes met Maltese women involved in fisheries as wives or harvesters. They spoke about women’s role, difficulties and about the need to formally organize a wider network, including by meeting with other women from Mediterranean countries in the months to come.