3rd World Small-Scale Fisheries Congress

October 2018

In the framework of the “3rd World Small-Scale Fisheries Congress”  (Thailand, 22-26 October 2018) Aktea was invited to provide its contribution on the topic of gender equality in small-scale fisheries.

At the core of this initative was the mapping of collective women initiatives worldwide. 20 participants from Latin America, Central America, Asia and Africa shared their knowledge about this issue. AKTEA’s representatives attended as well and explained the network’s action to foster gender equality and fairness in European small-scale fisheries. The round table agreed that such a mapping will allow to reinforce the movement’s visibility and will serve as a tool to advocate for the recognition of women’s rights.

Throughout the Congress two sessions were dedicated to gender equality. The first focussed on gender relations in the fisheries and aquaculture sectors in the light of globalization while the second was dedicated to Asia and migration as an enabler of poverty and discrimination.